Game List

Game Presets

These are special presets tailored for the specific game to work with additional VR Mods that would otherwise collide with the default procedure. Additionally they contain color corrections LUT especially created for the game.


Here is a list of tested games that work with ReShade. Many more will work and require to figure out what settings it needs. Feel free to contribute to get that list up to date :)

Game DLL Rename To Extract to Folder
American Truck Simulator 64 dinput8.dll bin\win_x64
Automobilista 1      
Automobilista 2 64 dinput8.dll next to AMS2.exe
Asseto Corsa 64 dxgi.dll next to AssettoCorsa.exe
Asseto Corsa Competizione 64 dxgi.dll AC2\Binaries\Win64
Beat Saber 64 dxgi.dll next to “Beat Saber.exe”
DCS World 64 dxgi.dll bin
Dirt Rally (With Revive) 32 dxgi.dll next to drt.exe
Dirt Rally 2 64 dinput8.dll next to dirtrally2.exe
Elite Dangerous 64 d3d11.dll next to EliteDangerous64.exe
Euro Truck Simulator 2 64 dinput8.dll bin\win_x64
GTR 2      
Google Earth VR 64 opengl32.dll next to Earth.exe
Half Life Alyx 64 kernel32.dll game\bin\win64
IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad 64 dxgi.dll bin\game
Project Cars 2 64 dinput8.dll next to pCARS2.exe
Race Room Experience 64 Bit 64 dxgi.dll Game\x64\
Race Room Experience 32 Bit 32 dxgi.dll Game\
Richard Burns Rally      
rFactor 2 64 dxgi.dll Bin64
Skyrim VR 64 dxgi.dll next to SkyrimVR.exe
VR Chat 64 dxgi.dll next to VRChat.exe
VTOL VR 64 dxgi.dll next to VTOLVR.exe
The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners 64 dxgi.dll TWD\Binaries\Win64\
X-Plane 11 64 opengl32.dll next to X-Plane.exe

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